About Us

Our Mission

ABA’s mission as a business organization is to develop well-rounded business leaders who put our skills to work and never compromise our humility, integrity, or passion for each other and the work that we do. As such, we provide our members with opportunities to gain hands on professional experience through various industry-focused projects.

Our Values

Take Care of Each Other


College is stressful. Classes are difficult. Life is hard enough; let’s support each other, love each other, and respect each other. We’re all in this together after all.

Learn and Give Back


We believe in the importance of learning useful skills, applying said skills, and then teaching the next generation. Giving back with our time and expertise isn’t optional. It’s everything.

Success Through Collaboration

Everyone has the chance to work together and lead. Being a leader may feel unnatural at first, but we expect everyone to step up and own part of each project. It’s like playing basketball: It’s a team sport, but when someone passes you the ball, you’re in charge of what to do with it next.

Be Humble, Be Ambitious,
Be Tenacious

Everyone has something to teach and something to learn. We are one team, focused on the “we” rather than the “I,” and we express appreciation for each other. We think big and always ask “What’s next?” We’re tenacious in chasing our goals and hold ourselves to high standards.

Just Serious Enough


Our aim is to be professional, but not buttoned-up. Although we’re serious about accomplishing our goals, we remember that we’re also college students. If we’re not having fun, something’s wrong.

Professional Development


Berkeley ABA prides itself on being both a general business organization and a consulting club. We provide our members the opportunity to enhance their business acumen with our Analyst Development Program, in which our Cabinet and Alumni teach workshops in Excel, case analysis, market research, technical interviews, and more. Additioanlly, members learn about various fields of business by joining one of our five project teams and working on a semester-long consulting project with Fortune 500 companies.

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Project Teams

Business Development

Business Development Analysts learn key consulting skills such as market research and casing, providing consulting services for Silicon Valley start-ups


Finance Analysts learn intermediate financial concepts through a detailed financial literacy program and provide financial & advisory services for clients


Marketing Analysts learn the science of optimizing marketing campaigns and create comprehensive marketing strategies for large-scale companies

NPO Consulting

NPO Analysts learn key business skills towards helping NPOs develop, providing consulting services for non-profits throughout the Bay Area

Strategy Consulting

Strategy Analysts study in-depth business casing frameworks to provide over-arching strategic recommendations for major corporations



With a strong culture and a fun-filled, semester long program of social activities designed to create a tight-knit community, ABA is a place where you won't just find a group of great friends, but a true family. We believe that having fun and learning about business shouldn't have to be mutually exclusive. Through our buddy group system, Big-Lil program, club retreats, and various social events, joining ABA is like finding a new home.

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