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At Berkeley ABA, we are passionate about collaborating closely with our clients to deliver insightful research that results in the best solutions. With 40+ years of experience, we have helped clients grow with the work from our passionate and driven analysts. Each semester, ABA takes on five unique consulting projects and finds new ways to provide exceptional value for our clients.

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Our previous clients

What do clients say about ABA?

Working with ABA Marketing was a wonderful experience. It was such a pleasure to learn from intelligent young minds about ways we could improve our marketing initiatives. They brought some amazing ideas to the table that we had never considered, presented them with the utmost professionalism and based every recommendation off of data and research. The ideas we collected from our work with ABA Marketing are already at play and working to drive all of our goals.

Sydney Cohen

Marketing Coordinator @ Glassdoor
Venmo Marketing had the pleasure of working with the ABA Marketing team in 2017 - the team was passionate, vibrant and committed throughout the whole experience. The teams energy was infectious as they lived and breathed the Venmo brand and provided great insights through the college student research prompt and rich competitive analysis. Every presentation was delivered at an exceptionally high standard and the final prompt blew our team away as they went above and beyond delivering fresh new ideas that addressed customer pain points.

Lucy Jaric

Head of Brand Marketing @ Venmo
We really enjoyed and benefited from working with the ABA team! The entire group was very professional and responsive almost as if they were working on the project full time. What was most helpful was how flexible they were to feedback. All put together, the ABA team's time working with us delivered results that were either a fresh perspective for the entire product team or reinforced some of our intuitions. Great job!

Emre Tekisalp

Business Development Manager @ Coinbase
It’s been a pleasure to work with the dedicated and professional ABA team. They helped us to analyze the landscape within our field of work and provided valuable recommendations around industry-leading technological tools and platforms and innovative outreach strategies that have informed our work moving forward. We’re grateful for the hard work, creativity and thoroughness with which they approached recommendations for solutions to these complex issues.

Ande Stone

Community Mobilization Manager @ SF AIDS Foundation
Overall I think your process was solid and your recommendations made a lot of sense. The presentation was organized well, the team told a good story and I liked how each person presented on their part of the project. Overall the team did a really great job.

Karen McCavitt

Senior Education Marketing Manager @ Adobe
ABA has been a pleasure to work with. The club worked hard to promote our event and made sure it was well attended. All members were very engaged during the event and had great follow-up after. We look forward to partnering with ABA again!

Virginia Molan

Recruiter @ Wells Fargo